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Accelerate your path to production.

How long does it take your organisation to ship a simple change? Is it a day? A week? Maybe even months?

You know that working in smaller batch sizes makes changes to your applications easier to reason about and deployment failures easier to recover from, but how do you move to smaller batch sizes when acceptance testing and other verification steps take seemingly forever?

It often feels impossible.

Sometimes you even know where the bottlenecks are - you just don't have the time or resources to address them.

This is where I can help.

Through my hands-on consulting, training and advisory practice, I help organisations like yours improve their software delivery performance.

Say goodbye to long lead times, bug-ridden software and frustrated users. Get in touch today to unleash the full potential of your teams.

Tim Mortimer
Tim MortimerFounder of KiteFrame

Bespoke delivery diagnostics

Every team and application is different, and while the DORA metrics are useful as a self-evaluation tool, they can never tell you where your teams' specific bottlenecks are.

Working closely with your teams, I will help you identify and remedy the areas where your teams can safely and sustainably increase the rate at which they get software into the hands of users.

Our hands-on approach is very important to us - coaching teams on imaginary codebases solving fake problems leads to teams feeling lost the moment they're back at their desks. Let's skip that step and dive straight into the problem at hand. Working on real code bases, solving real problems.


Find my Nightline

Nightline Association

Nightline Logo

Leveraging AWS S3, Lambda and Google sheets to allow service users to easily find their nearest Nightline.

xTrade Broker Portal


HX Logo

Working with HyperionX's team to build a broker administration platform from the ground up.

Promotions Platform


Insyt Logo

Leading development of a custom promotions platform, with the goals of better UX and load time, and even easier client and promotion onboarding.

Underwriter Admin System

Uncharted Partners

Uncharted Logo

Working in a fast paced and agile team to develop a bespoke platform for underwriters to review and manage risks.

Auditing System


Keoda Logo

Working with Keoda to project manage development of auditing software for a travel sustainability company.

Customer Service Portal


Popsa Logo

Development of reusable UI components to interact with an internal customer service API.

Case Study

Fluxonomy: RAID Log Management

Our SaaS product for project managers, built to take the pain out of risk management (a classically spreadsheet-based activity.)

A fast and responsive React SPA sits in front of a Java and Spring Boot API, and the application stack is deployed and hosted using AWS services.

A screenshot of the Fluxonomy application, displaying an open Issue with details and timeline of updates

What we do

KiteFrame use a set of practices and principles to build complex internal business systems and user-facing products in a fast yet maintainable way - continuously delivering bug-free code with confidence.

Domain-Driven Design

We believe that to build effective software in complex domains, tight collaboration is required between developers and the business. Say goodbye to your business experts having one context and your developers having another.

Test-Driven Development

In order to achieve to fast flow, it is absolutely essential that the development team have access to a suite of fast tests that are able to verify the behaviour of the system.

Continuous Delivery

Releasing relatively small increments more often reduces the risk of any one release, minimises the business impact of failed experiments and enables the acceleration of the development team.


With the tight integration of development, testing, operations and support, teams become responsible for the end-to-end delivery of business features, drastically reducing hand-offs between teams and increasing overall quality.

Full Stack Developers

Advising from the sidelines can only take you so far. To provide the largest benefit possible to our clients, we work alongside their existing teams, helping them to address problems as they arise.


With the ever-increasing flexibility offered by public cloud service providers, businesses no longer have to commit to up-front capital investments. We help our clients leverage the power of the cloud, helping them focus on providing business value, not infrastructure.

Meet the team

Tim Mortimer
Tim MortimerLinkedIn IconFounder and software developer
Louis Smith
Louis SmithLinkedIn IconSoftware developer

Don't just take our word for it!

“I’ve worked with KiteFrame on multiple projects and have been really impressed with their attention to detail and business acumen. KiteFrame have been able to deliver on time and budget and offer guidance on managing projects long term which has been invaluable.”

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